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Inkoo’s procurement and purchasse services might change the way your business purchases materials and services, helping you to optimize your ressources and internal personnel. Forget about long lead times, multiple providers management, conditions negotiations, orders management,… Let us know what you need, how much of it and by when you need it, and we will take care of the rest. An

We have studied and compared different approaches and Lean Manufacturing initiatives in manufacturing sites of different markets, horizons, sizes and objectives. We have learned a lot and gathered the best practices to successfully achieve the desired results. Lean Manufacturing is founded on several very powerful tools, but without the right approach, their implementation could not produce sustainable results in time. TOGROWLEAN

We want our social accountability want to stand out. We want to bring help to projects socially responsible and that can get where we can’t. We hope that our collaboration helps to change the future of GANNAs youths. For further details or to join this project, please contact

Inkoo is changing its image, but we are not changing our core values. Our technical DNA remains the base for growth as a local Enterprise, combining it with our will to grow abroad. Our new image reflects the four axes of our activity and represents inkoo’s determination to keep moving forward. We wanted to thank our customer’s trust as well as

INKOO wants to contribute to local traditions welfare. Based in Barcelona, and with a special relation to Gracia’s quarter, we help Carrer Llibertat Neighbours association to encourage them keep knitting their neighbourhood’s links, amongst others, with the preparation of Gracias festivities decorations. From INKOO we want to join Carrer Llibertat (Freedom’s street) neighbours in their celebration on 2018 first place recognition.