Open application for the Movea plan!

After the selection of Tragsa as a collaborating entity for the management of the purchase requests of the Movea Plan and after two months of waiting, Movea Plan started to admit requests as of last Wednesday, 24th of February.

Tragsa is contacting with the attached points of sale collected in the Movele and Pima programs.

The Council of Ministers approved the Movea Plan, which tries to motivate the acquisition of vehicles fuelled by alternative energy. The Government approved the “Plan of Impulse to the Mobility of Alternative Energy Vehicles ” MOVEA. The new Real Decree which regulates the direct concession of aids for the acquisition of alternative energy vehicles in 2016, provides the initiative with 16,6 million of euros, and unifies in one program the existing state aids until the moment in the acquisition of alternative energy vehicles, executed in the MOVELE Program and PIMA Air. In this way it continues with the impulse that, for several years now, has been given the Government to this type of vehicles by grants directed to its acquisition.

The MOVEA Plan encourages exclusively the acquisition of alternative fuel vehicles (electric vehicles, liquefied petroleum gas (GLP/Autogas)compressed natural gas (GNC) and liquefied (GNL), vehicles promoted by hydrogen fuel cell, electric motorcycles, bicycles with pedal assistance with an electric motor), excluding traditional fuel vehicles boosted by petrol and gasoil.

Furthermore, and as the most important new, it also considers the concession of aids for the establishment of fast charge points and semi fast for electric vehicles in public access points.

The aids are given to the acquisition of new alternative energy vehicles registered in Spain or the first time.

The amount of the aids changes in function of the vehicles category (in the tourism case and the motorcycle it is established a price limit as well), of the type of fuel used, and, in some cases, of the maximum authorised mass (MMTA) or of its autonomy in an exclusive electric working, in a rank that goes from the 200 euros for the bicycles until the 20.000 euros of some vehicles of the M3 category.

Term Requests.

With a general nature the requests can be made from the 1th of January until the 15th of October of the 2016. The application of requests started to operate this 24th of February.

Open application of requests:

The application that has been opened for the requests admission is: As of 24th of February the reserve with charge budget of the Plan can started to be realised.