Japan already has more charging points than gas stations

Japan has been one of the first markets to commit to the development of modern electric cars and is a model to follow in terms of the implantation of charging structures. In fact, it’s network of charging points covers the most important routes from north to south and east to west of the country. With over 3.000 fast charging points, it’s placed above the 1.500 in Europe or the 1.000 in the United States.

As explained by Joseph G. Peter, Financing Director of Nissan, “one of the key points for the growth of the electrical vehicle market in Japan has been the improvement of the current charging network”. Indeed, the more charging points there are, either public or private, the more attractive the purchase of an electric vehicle is. According to an estimate Nissan offers, there are over 40.000 charging points in Japan, including both private and public devices, which surpasses the 34.000 gas stations there are in the country.

Even though it is true that private charging points are not accessible to the public, they are still potentially active devices for recharging batteries. Furthermore, this fact is causing a lot of people to share their charging points through websites such as PlugShare.com. We also have to bear in mind that people with private charging points will most probably not be using public ones.

Even with a higher number of charging points than gas stations, the portion of electric vehicles is still fairly low. Therefore, the charging network in Japan must continue its development along with initiatives by the Japanese government to promote the use of electric and hydrogen vehicles. The big players such as Toyota, Nissan and Honda have already been working in this direction for a long time, joining efforts in a market very susceptible to these technologies.

This presents a doubt here in INKOO engineering: How difficult will it be for us to get to the current situation in Japan here in Spain? Where are the Spanish politics aimed towards in regard to this subject?