Electric vehicle informative day

INKOO engineering organized an informative day last 11th of March 2016 to approach the challenges and projects of electric mobility. Aimed at companies from the sector, professional technicians, private companies with public access garages, energetic consultants, real estate owners or anyone who wanted to be up to date with the latest developments of the electric vehicle industry.

Jornada informativa INKOO

The Second Informative Day of the Electric Vehicle organized by INKOO Engineering took place on the 11th of March 2016 on the Tech Park of Barcelona Activa. With the assistance of over 100 people under the slogan Electric Vehicle: Now it’s time! six presentations were done on current matters surrounding the subject. All of the presentations were widely approved by the audience. Questions were asked by the assistants and answered by the presenters in a very active session.

In this edition, among other attendants there were: Jaume Baró, Operative Director of Barcelona Activa, who welcomed the Technological Park; Miquel Àngel Escobar, Responsible of Efficient Mobility in the Catalan Institute of Energy (ICAEN), who talked about electrical mobility and charging infrastructure in Catalonia; Pedro Rodríguez, Responsible of the Electric Vehicle at EFIMOB Efficient Mobility, who talked about the different products and tendencies within charging stations; Oriol Montserrat, Responsible of INKOO Engineering’s Department of Electric Vehicle, who explained in a comprehensible way, the normative behind the installation of charging points; Borja Cabrera, CEO of EVAN Ecosolutions, who explained EVAN’s initiative within the subject; and Miquel Gómez, Responsible of smart&green communication for ALL MEDIA Consulting.

The presence of Agusti Payá, Official Champion of electric racing from 2012 to 2015, Spanish alternative energy rally Champion in 2015 and first pilot to run the Dakar in a 100% EcoPowered vehicle, gave us insights to his commitment to sustainable mobility and his experience throughout his various competitions, specially the demanding Dakar.

During the whole day various electric vehicles were on exposition, among which were the spectacular Tesla Roadster and the BMW i8. At the end of the day, the assistants were able to do some networking and exchange impressions between each other and the presenters.

Without doubt, the success of the Second Electric Vehicle Day consolidates the commitment of INKOO Engineering to sustainable electric mobility and ensures the organization of subsequent editions.