What is the situation regarding the Electric Vehicle in Spain?

Due to the growth of the electric vehicle industry and the increasing state subsidies designed to promote it’s use, we can ask ourselves if Spain is truly within the group of leading countries in Europe when it comes to the creation of charging points.

The answer is sadly no. Despite the interest of the current government to promote the sales of electric vehicles, the truth is that Spain if far from other countries when it comes to the creation of charging points. In fact, Spain has about 900 chaging points (even though only 250-300 of them are fully functional), while countries such as UK have 5.962; France, 6.580; or Norway, 5.218.
There is still a long way to go to standardize the implementation of charging points and get to the level of the leading countries in Europe. Companies such as IKEA, El Corte Inglés, along with other hotel companies have asked the Industry Ministry to install charging points in their centres with the intention of selling electricity and allowing their users to charge their electric vehicles. The current legislation is very restrictive and forbids this type of companies from becoming charging managers.

Even so, a possible modification of the current regulations is not ruled out in order to allow companies from other sectors to offer these services to their clients. Once this issue is sorted out the regulations could change and benefit these type of companies along with the current ones (Endesa, Repsol, Iberdrola or Gas Natural).

The objective of the Government for 2020 is that 1% if the cars sold in Spain (about 150.000) should work with electricity. Sales are slow for the moment. Up to April this year, 8.467 hybrid vehicles have been registered, which is 59,6% more than the same period last year. When it comes to electric vehicles (including pure electric, extended range and plug-in hybrids), in the first four months of the year 1.534 units have been sold, which means 187,3% of what was sold in the same period last year. Madrid is leading the ranking of electric vehicle sales (563), closely followed by Catalonia (435).